ebook Environmental safety of biowaste in the circural economy -

Environmental safety of biowaste in the circural economy

The book deals with a very important element of the circular economy related to sustainable management of biodegradable waste. According to World Bank by 2050, the human population is estimated to increase more than 9 billion; meanwhile, energy demand is expected to almost double, and the demand for water and food is expected to increase by about 60%. It is also obvious that the amount of biodegradable waste will grow in th coming years, and it will become a global problem and need to change in the organic waste management system. If not properly handled, the large volume of biodegradable waste may deteriorate air, water, and soil quality, resulting in significant impacts to food, energy, and water supplies. However, waste also poses a great opportunity as feedstock for renewable energy generation and production of value-added products Thus, reuse and treatment of biodegradable waste play an essential role in the food-energy-water nexus. The individual chapters of the book are aimed at the importance of biowaste and other biodegradable waste in a circular economy, taking into account environmental aspects (e.g. toxicity, organic carbon sequestration, LCA). This book will serve as a useful resource for environmental engineers, biotechnologists, researchers, and students studying organic waste processes, as well as operators of a wastewater and organic waste treatment plants. We strongly hope that readers enjoy reading this book and find it of very use.

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