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GIS in Higher Education in Poland

The idea for this publication was barn in June 2015, during a meeting of Polish teachers involved with Geographic lnformation Systems. The meeting was initiated by the Department of Geoinformation, Faculty of Geographical Sciences, University of Łódź, which received a grant to organize it. The discussion and presentations from academic teachers representing various universities in Poland were very interesting and sometimes heated. lt would be advisable for other educators to familiarise themselves with the aspects of GIS education among Polish geographers, foresters, surveyors and other users. The experience of Geoinformation education in Poland is still modest, so the views of people who have been involved at Polish universities with it since the 1990s should be interesting to readers. Geographic lnformation Systems (GIS) - the integration of environmental and climate issues as an important factor for economic development and quality of life – an innovative second-degree studies. Akronim GIS-E-QL: GIS for environment and quality of life

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