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Problems of water protection in the bug and narew river catchments

The catchment areas of the rivers Bug and Narew are found in three countries: Poland, The Ukraine and Belarus. The catchment areas are mainly used for agriculture, industry and also as residential areas. Industrial plants, towns and villages are often inadequately equipped in the sewage treatment facilities. Moreover, their incorrect use causes further pollution of many rivers and lakes. Nonetheless, it should be emphasized, that over the last few years, the quality of waters has shown a significant improvement. Water management and the protection of water in these areas was the subject of numerous international conferences in the past attended by Polish, Ukrainian and Belarusian scientists. This monograph is the result of a fruitful conference entitled „The management of drainage areas of the Bug and Narew rivers within the framework of a sustainable development” which took place in Dębe near Serock on the 15th and 16th May, 2009. The task of the presented monography „Problems of water protection in the Bug and Narew river catchments” is to acquaint readers with the results of research concerning the degree of pollution in the areas of the aforementioned rivers. Above all, the monography deals with problems and presents the results of water quality and water resource tests in the context of water supply. The authors of the articles clearly indicate the anthropogenic character of sources affecting the water environment. These articles show the problems of the accumulation of both organic and inorganic pollutants including heavy metals in water ecosystems. Many parts of this monograph are dedicated to the quality of water in the catchment areas of the two rivers resulting from in appropriate management of the drainage are as mainly the waste management and agricultural activity. Moreover, some of the articles contain the evaluation of the quality of water within the areas under environmental protection (for example: The Narwianski National Park and areas of Natura 2000) and show the possible potential of the water ecosystem selfpurification.

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