ebook Poland's Outward Foreign Dorect Investment - Bogdan Buczkowski,Agnieszka Kłysik-Uryszek,Anetta Kuna-Marszałek,Janusz Świerkocki

Poland's Outward Foreign Dorect Investment

International expansion of Polish enterprises through foreign direct investment is a relatively new although dynamic phenomenon that starts to exerts powerful effect on the landscape of Polish economy and its competitiveness. Understandably, it arouses growing interest among businessmen, politicians, and economists. Being a part of relatively modest, so far, population of publications on active internationalisation of Polish enterprises, this book discusses results of studies conducted at the Faculty of Economics and Sociology of the University of Lodz. Its merits include a comprehensive approach to the subject: it presents solid theoretical foundations of the internationalization process as well as quantitative (based on detailed, unpublished data of the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS) for Poland and for the Lodz voivodeship) and qualitative (questionnaire based study of determinants and effects of internationalisation of enterprises from the Lodz voivodeship) empirical analyses. Thus, it is an attempt of closing the information gap in the Polish publishing market, which may also provide further inspiration for future investigation of Polish direct investment.

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