ebook Designing a health tourism product structure model in the process of marketing management - Diana Dryglas

Designing a health tourism product structure model in the process of marketing management

This monograph provides an eloquently written, critical analysis of health tourism product marketing management. The comprehensiveness of the literature review and the robustness of the empirical re-search make it an invaluable source of information for both academics and practitioners alike. The innova-tive nature of the proposed Health Tourism Product (HTP) structure model provides a useful tool for ad-dressing HTP segmentation, targeting and positioning. This can include creating competitive advantage through the prosumption or co-design of HTP experiences. The Polish case study context in which the model is tested provides an insightful analysis of push and pull factors for travel to spa resorts, as well as invaluable data for supply-side tourism entities. Overall, the book has important implications for market-ing management processes, product innovation, understanding health tourists’ motivation, and enhanc-ing the competitiveness of destinations. From the review by prof. Melanie K. Smith, Budapest Metropolitan University As regards the substance of the book, it may constitute a step towards a better understanding of the complex structure of health tourism. This industry, which is often mistakenly identified with medical tour-ism, is one of the world’s fastest growing economic sectors. In this context, the questions addressed by the author prove very timely and important from the perspective of the organisation of the health tour-ism market, its economic analyses and strategies for further development. At the same time, due to the service nature of health tourism products, the book by Dr Diana Dryglas perfectly fits into the much broader scope of research on competitiveness in the service market. I believe that a study of this scale is a very important work with great scientific potential. The author has not replicated the scientific accom-plishments of other researchers but, based on her extensive expertise in the subject literature, has iden-tified a gap in knowledge, formulated research hypotheses and objectives, whose achievement may pro-vide new understanding of the questions analysed in the theoretical and application dimensions. From the review by prof. Magdalena Kachniewska, SGH Warsaw School of Economics

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