ebook Partisans. Journalists in Łukašenka’s line of fire - Michał Potocki,Arleta Bojke

Partisans. Journalists in Łukašenka’s line of fire

„Partisans. Journalists in Łukašenka’s line of fire” is a collection of 20 reportages written by 29 journalists. On over 300 pages, they present stories of, e.g., Raman Pratasiewicz, Sciapan Puciła, thanks to whom Belarusians coming from each corner of their homeland had presented what was happening in Belarus after the recent elections. It is stories of Kaciaryna Andrejewa and Darja Czulcowa who reported anti-Lukashenka protests from the scene, knowing that because of it they will end up in a prison. It is a story of a Belarusian Press Club, Julija Słucka, and her letters after being imprisoned for six months which drastically revealthe system’s dehumanisation. It is a story of Natalia Radzina who for ten years dreams about coming back to Belarus or Iosif Siaredicz, who knows Lukashenka like nobody else. Finally, it is a story of Andrzej Poczobut who survived COVID-19 behind the bars, and his family was not receiving his letters for weeks. Letters, that are the only possibility of contact with him. Belarusian journalists speak shortly: the most important is not to forget us. However, it is also about them, so they would not have to forget about doing their job and freedom.

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