ebook Moving between Modes -

Moving between Modes

Papers in Intersemiotic Translation in Memoriam Professor Alina Kwiatkowska

Professor Alina Kwiatkowska’s untimely departure prevented her from seeing this publication project through to the end. This book is dedicated to her memory and it is only suitable to have the volume summarised in Professor Kwiatkowska’s own words, coming from a draft of the former editor’s introductory chapter: “The present collection of papers was inspired by the international conference on lntersemiotic Translation held at the University of Łódź in 2013. Organized by the Institute of English Studies, it brought together many enthusiastic participants, who gathered to discuss the issues that many traditional scholars would consider to be niche and rather exotic. The volume includes a selection of papers from that conference, complemented by same additional contributions.” Mikołaj Deckert Monika Kocot Aleksandra Majdzińska-Koczorowicz

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