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Manufacturer – retailer relationships. The context of business models

The issue of manufacturer - retailer relationships has been discussed since the end of the 70s of the previous century. (....) In the literature devoted to inter-organisational relations, horizontal relationships have been predominantly studied while only some publications discussed vertical relations, focusing on the relations between manufacturers and suppliers, not buyers . The current status of knowledge on manufacturer - retailer relations should, therefore, be considered as rudimentary. (...) Relations between manufacturers and retailers can be also considered in the context of business models' changes and transformation of both retailers and manufacturers roles in the value chain. (...) Being aware of the incompleteness of knowledge on the manufacturer - retailer relationships on the market of durable consumer goods, a team of researchers under the guidance of Marzanna K. Witek-Hajduk made an attempt to fill in this gap in the scope of both concept and research. (...) The study is aimed at developing knowledge on manufacturer - retailer relationships in the context of business models and in conditions of IT technologies' de­velopment. (...) The book is consistent with the stream of the discussion conducted by scientists and managers worldwide regarding the possibility to establish a competitive advantage of both manufacturers and retailers with a consideration of the variety of relations between the parties.

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