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Internal Security, July-December 2011

The world globalisation processes have inevitably been accompanied by the development of new forms of crime and the occurrence of crisis incidents (acts of terrorism, major transportation accidents, construction accidents, or natural disasters). The above phenomena increase the demand for knowledge, the use of which may directly or indirectly influence the effectiveness of agencies responsible for internal security. With its basic goal of spreading the knowledge of the protection of public safety and order, the scientific journal Internal Security is one of the many ventures aimed at meeting the demand. The journal is oriented towards security aspects of universal scope. It is a forum where views and opinions are exchanged by specialists of various branches (both scientists and practitioners) from different countries, and in particular European ones. Entrepreneurs of non-public sector are welcome to exchange their opinions in the journal, as well. In many cases methods and mechanisms which are used to ensure safety are of universal nature and they can be applied by both, public and non-public sectors.Piotr Bogdalski: Editorial 7 Gaelle Bistiaux: Association of European Police Colleges — Fifteen Years of Experience in European Police Training 9 Izabela Iglewska: The Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the Post-Lisbon System in relation to Police Cooperation 15 Izabela Hrynek: Legislative Drafting Process Within the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo in Terms of European Legislative Standards — Legal Analysis 25 Mile Sikman, Stevo Ivetić: Terrorism in Bosnia and Herzegovina — Current State and Suppression Measures 31 Pawel Suchanek: Republic of Kosovo Regulations on Tracing of Weapons and Ammunition 45 Pyotr A. Litvishko: Exercise of Substantive and Procedural Criminal Jurisdiction with regard to State Foreign Missions 55 Anna Gondek, Tadeusz Tabaczniuk: Visual Monitoring Versus Managing the Public Safety Using the Example of Walbrzych 71 Cornelis J. Roelofse, Foster Manganyi: An Exploratory Study on the Use of the Community Police Forum in Muchipisi Village to Develop Partnership Policing 83 Malgorzata Zoehner: The Problems and Limits of Fair Credibility Assessment in German Criminal Law. Discussion about Systematization and Improvement of the procedure of Credibility Assessment 105 Hanna Ojcewicz: The Sources and Meaning of the Evolution of Traditional and Non-tradition Detection Methods in the Work of Investigating Bodies 131 Oleg Aleksandrovich Zaytsev: State Protection for the Participants of Criminal Proceedings in the Russian Federation 147 Tomasz Safjański, Andrzej Trela: Strategic Aspects in Estimating the Tangible Costs of Crime?—?an Outline of the Problem 157 Justyna Karazniewicz: Criminal Law Determinants for Depriving Offenders of Objects and Benefits Obtained from Crime 169 Wieslaw Jasinski: New Challenges in Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Corruption 181 Alexey Viktorovich Babkin: Psychological Re-adaptation of Special Police Unit Officers in the Post-conflict Period 201 Sergij Boltivets: Psycho-hygiene of Family Education as a Major Condition of Preventing Family Violence 209 Aleksandr Pastushenia: Social-Psychological Analysis of Crime Determination as a Theoretical Basis for the Elaboration of Reduction Measures 227 Olga Shabanova: Peculiarities of Criminological Characteristics of Women Sentenced to Imprisonment f?r Child Support Evasion 241 Vasiliy Shakun: Modern Realities of Ukrainian Criminology 247 Andrzej Misiuk: Deliberations on Security 255 Piotr Majer: Internal Security in the Historical Perspective— an Outline. Part 2 267 Natalia Kurepina, Maria Kurepina: Technical Regulation as a Tool of Ensuring Personal Security 291 Grzegorz Ojcewicz: Book Review: N.G. Shurukhnov, Forensics. Definitions, tables, charts, recommendations, Moscow 2010 297 Internal Security Reviewers’ List — Volume 3 301

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