Health at your request Volume 1 - Józef Słonecki

Health at your request Volume 1


Can you take care about your health?

How can you take care about your health if you do not know what is health?

If you have no knowledge, you will fall for anything.

This is the book about health, your health and only health!

Let me tell you about an institution that focuses exclusively on diseases is called... health care. Is it a mistake or a well thought out intrigue designed to camouflage reality? How much human misery could be avoided if people called it by its real name – disease service?

If this were to be the case, many of us would wonder whether this is the institution we should count on if we really care about our own health. Instead... if doctors represent health care, it means that they must be qualified to take care of the health of their patients, and... you can entrust them fully with one of the most prized possessions – your own health as well as the health of your loved ones. Especially since ordinary people lack basic knowledge of health.

Before we take our health into our own hands, we most often see with our own eyes that the greatest threat is primarily medicine. It really comes as no surprise, as treating people and selling drugs is simply aimed at making money off diseases. Therefore, no one in the medical field is interested in the health of society as they simply cannot benefit from that. It can thus be said that healthy society is a powerful inhibitor to the development of medicine which, next to armaments industry, is the second most profitable industry in the world. In order to secure a stable and reliable market for the future, the pharmaceutical and medical lobby has created a particular species – patients; purch asers of medicines and medical services. Let us take a look at some of the most spectacular projects aimed at the implementation of this evil plan.

Are you ready to take your health into own hands? Are you ready to stop being a patient?

It is your own decision. I will just provide you knowledge.

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Health at your own request

If you have no knowledge,
you will fall for anything

Table of Contents
Book Info
Homo patiens
1. Health care
2. Diseases
3. Free tests
4. Family doctor
Why some people never recover
5. Patient characteristics
6. The process of converting from patientism
7. What does it mean – to recover
8. Deficiency caused by excess
9. Rushing the body to heal
10. Elimination as a condition of recovery
11. How long does it take to fully recover
The idea of a cleansing mixture
12. Toxemia
13. Role of the cleansing mixture
14. Recovery – what’s next
15. Definition of the cleansing mixture
Chapter 1. Cleansing mixture
1. Preparation of the cleansing mixture
2. Oil as an ingredient of the cleansing mixture
3. Linseed oil as an ingredient of the cleansing mixture
4. Alocit as an ingredient of the cleansing mixture
5. Lemon juice as an ingredient of the cleansing mixture
6. Apple cider vinegar as an ingredient of the cleansing mixture
7. Treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding
8. Treatment for children
9. Breaks between application of the cleansing mixture
Chapter 2. Ingredients of the cleansing mixture
1. Oil
2. Aloe juice
3. Grapefruit seed extract
4. Lemon juice
Chapter 3. How does the cleansing mixture work
1. Mechanical digestion of food
2. Chemical digestion of food
3. Typical digestive diseases
4. Strategy of using the cleansing mixture
5. Cleansing of the upper gastrointestinal tract
6. Cleansing of the bile ducts
7. Intestinal movements
8. Absorption of nutrients in the jejunum
9. Lesions in the absorbing surface
10. Small intestine bacterial overgrowth
11. Changing oils during treatment
12. Exposure of erosions
13. Removal of erosions
14. Large intestine
15. Intestinal flora and immunity
16. Well-formed stool
17. Cleansing of the large intestine
Chapter 4. Reactions associated with cleansing
1. Herxheimer Reactions
2. Excessive hair loss
3. Wandering pains
Chapter 5. Microorganisms
1. Symbiotic microorganisms (symbionts)
2. Commensal microorganisms (commensals)
3. Pathogenic microorganisms
Conditionally pathogenic microorganisms (opportunistic)
Unconditionally pathogenic microorganisms (germs)
Chapter 6. Homeostasis
1. Negative feedback systems
2. Homeostasis between microorganisms of the large intestine
3. Consequences of disturbances in homeostasis
4. Health is homeostasis
5. Homeostasis and medicine
Chapter 7. Bacterial flora of the gastrointestinal tract
1. Colonization of the large intestine
2. The process of replacing intestinal bacteria
Chapter 8. Immunity
1. Non-specific immunity as the first line of defense
a. Non-specific defense in the form of skin
b. Non-specific defense in the form of mucous membrane
Upper respiratory tract
Lower respiratory tract
2. Specific immunity as the second line of defense
3. Health-beneficial effects of infectious diseases
4. Acquisition of active immunity
5. Passive immunity
Chapter 9. Flu – health-beneficial disease
1. Affinity
2. Tissue affinity
3. Endocytosis
4. Tissue affinity of viruses
5. Virus structure
6. Human influenza virus infection
7. Influenza virus-infected cells
8. Virus uncoating
9. Destination of the package
10. Defective cells
11. Infection of a cell nucleus
12. Multiplication of viruses
13. Incubation of infectious diseases
14. Influenza infection development
15. You have to be healthy to get sick
16. Typical symptoms of influenza
Muscle and joint pains
Loss of appetite
17. Crisis, or intensification of disease symptoms
18. Secondary bacterial infection
19. How the body removes foreign bodies and necrotic tissue
20. Removing pus circulating in the blood
21. Flu as a health-beneficial disease
22. Benefits of an influenza infection
Chapter 10. Germ theory of diseases
1. Germ older than our era
2. Miasma theory of diseases
3. Medieval knowledge of germs
4. Spokesman for germs?
5. Dirty hands and mortality of patients
6. How Pasteur taught doctors to wash their hands
7. Abiogenesis
8. From virus to viruses
9. Theory of chemical fermentation
10. Disproving the disproven theory of abiogenesis
11. Unexpected relief
12. Operating rooms in the 19th century
13. Rebellious surgeon
14. The history of nursing
15. Forty years of medical “revolution”
16. What about the germ theory of diseases?
17. Diseases of silkworms
18. Pasteur’s enemies
19. Henle-Koch postulates
20. Hygienists on the germ theory of diseases
21. Pasteur’s Vaccines
22. Rabies vaccine
23. Rabies
24. The first vaccination against rabies
25. Pasteur and the germ theory of diseases
26. Medical life expectancy
Chapter 11. Vaccinations
1. Why are vaccinations dangerous?
2. Composition of influenza virus vaccine
3. Adverse events following vaccination (AEFI)
4. Post-vaccination complications
Chapter 12. How were the epidemics eliminated
1. Epidemics of cholera
2. Smallpox (variola)
3. Polio epidemics
4. Plague epidemics
5. Epidemie trądu
6. Tuberculosis
The discovery of streptomycin – a drug for tuberculosis
Streptomycin – miracle cure for everything
Streptomycin vs. BCG
Who benefits from the BCG vaccine
BCG vaccination in Poland
Chapter 13. Candida albican
1. The Candida albicans yeast
2. Intestinal moniliasis
3. Metamorphosis
4. Candida Albicans Fungi
Chapter 14. Nasal Cavity Mycosis
1. How Nasal Cavity is Functioning
2. The Process of Infecting Nasal Cavity with Candida Albicans Fungi
3. Healthy Body Healthy Mind
4. Symptoms of Nasal Cavity Mycosis
When Child Sleeps with Mouth Open
Constantly Blocked Nose
Mucus Deposits in Upper Pharynx Area
Mucus Deposits in the Throat
Mucus Deposits in the Nose
Constantly Weary Eyelids
Ongoing Deterioration of Sight
Sensitive Throat
Hormone Secrecion Disorders in Pituitary Gland
5. Hormones
6. Hormones Secreted by Pituitary Gland
7. Endorphines – Happiness Hormones
Pleasant Stimuli Promoting Secrecion of Endorphines
Unpleasant Stimuli Promoting Secrecion of Endorphines
8. Healthy Body Healthy Mind
9. Treatment of Nasal Cavity Mycosis
Nose Drops
How to Introduce Nose Drops
Drops Diluted with Saline
10. Treatment of Eye and Ear Mycosis
Chapter 15. Internal Mycosis
1. Products, Which Should Be Eliminated When Treating Skin Problems
2. Treatment of Skin Mycosis
3. Dandruff Treatment
4. Varicose Veins and Leg Ulcers
5. Treatment of Mycosis-affected Prepuce
6. Foot Mycosis Treatment
Chapter 16. Paradontosis, Oral Cavity and Throat Mycosis
Chapter 17. Dietary Fiber Cocktail
1. Cocktail Ingredients’ Properties
Pumpkin seeds
Life in the shell
Symbiotic bacteria
Sunflower seeds
2. Blender
3. Cocktail preparation
A detailed description of the first step of cocktail preparation
Milk thistle
Detailed description of the second step of the cocktail preparation
Detailed description of the third step of cocktail preparation
4. Lemon Cocktail
Chapter 18. Pro-health Diet
1. Intestinal moniliasis
2. Stage one
3. Stage two
4. Stage three
5. Three stages of the pro-health diet
6. Gluten – harmful lectin
7. Stage four
8. Summary of four stages
9. The fiber myth
10. Fiber cocktail in the pro-health diet
11. Juices and the pro-health diet
12. Using pharmaceutical products during the pro-health diet
Medicines and paramedicines permitted during the pro-health diet
Medicines and paramedicines banned during the pro-health diet
13. Weight loss as a side effect of the pro-health diet
14. Who should try the pro-health diet
15. Conclusion
Chapter 19. Starvation-Free Starvation Diet
1. The Watermelon Diet
2. The Essence of Starvation-Free Starvation Diet
3. Benefits Offered by the Starvation-free Starvation Diet
Chapter 20. Apple Vinegar
Chapter 21. Herbal Tea for Respiratory Tract Problems
Chapter 22. Herbal Tea Remedy for Urinary Tract Problems
Chapter 23. Vaginal Mycosis
Chapter 24. Oil Pulling
Chapter 25. Calcium From Eggshells
Fear Against Salmonella
Chapter 26. Know-How: Affordable and Effective Skin-Care
1. Fat as a Solvent for Fats
2. Bath with Addition of Oil
3. Benefits Offered by Baths with Addition of Oil
Chapter 27. Folk Medicine Tips
1. Anti-wrinkle Cream - Affordable and Effective
2. Intense Hair Loss
3. Greasy Hair
4. Sage Compresses for Eyes
5. Muscle Cramps, Eyelid Trembling, Heart Palpitation, Arythmia
6. Kelps as Natural Source of Iodine
7. Hot Salt Compresses
8. Cabbage Leaf Compresses
9. Wiener for the Head
10. Black Mustard for Arthritis
11. Heartburn - First Aid
12. Diarrhea and Stomach Flu
13. Creaky Joints
14. Macerate Made of Marsh Mallow Root
15. Celandine Herbal Tea
16. The Beetroot Test
17. Linseed Jelly and Linseed Macerate
18. Hot Tea with Honey for Enlarged Tonsils
19. Nose Clearing During Rhinitis
20. Unblocking of Eustachian Tube
21. Air Humidifying Application of Marsh Mallow Root
22. Onion Syrup
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7th Edition
Published: 2013
Reprint: February 2017
ISBN 978-83-948289-4-3
Proofreading: Gloria Cyprys, Aneta Filipek, Katarzyna Karczmarczyk, Michał Trociński, Grzegorz Ulacha
Cover, drawings, typeset, graphic layout: Józef Słonecki
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Homo patients[1]

Before we take our health into our own hands, we most often see with our own eyes that the greatest threat is primarily medicine. It really comes as no surprise, as treating people and selling drugs is simply aimed at making money off diseases. Therefore, no one in the medical field is interested in the health of society as they simply cannot benefit from that. It can thus be said that healthy society is a powerful inhibitor to the development of medicine which, next to armaments industry, is the second most profitable industry in the world. In order to secure a stable and reliable market for the future, the pharmaceutical and medical lobby has created a particular species – patients; purch asers of medicines and medical services. Let us take a look at some of the most spectacular projects aimed at the implementation of this evil plan.

1. Health care

An institution that focuses exclusively on diseases is called... health care. Is it a mistake or a well thought out intrigue designed to camouflage reality? How much human misery could be avoided if people called it by its real name – disease service? If this were to be the case, many of us would wonder whether this is the institution we should count on if we really care about our own health. Instead... if doctors represent health care, it means that they must be qualified to take care of the health of their patients, and... you can entrust them fully with one of the most prized possessions – your own health as well as the health of your loved ones. Especially since ordinary people lack basic knowledge of health. After all, it is not taught in any school. Naive people believe that such a subject is taught in medical schools, but it is not. Besides, what would a doctor need to know about health? After all, their job is to find the most suited disease and write a prescription...

In fact, doctors are simply educated distributors of prescription medicines. Their effectiveness depends on the trust of their purchasers – the so-called patients. Doctors are, however, absolutely ignorant in terms of health. Unless they want to expand their knowledge on their own. It should be noted with some satisfaction that such cases occur ever more frequently. It doesn’t concern “converts”, that is doctors who have “converted” to the so-called alternative medicine, but those who have understood that diseases are not caused by the lack of medicines.

An institution similar to health care is the Ministry of Health, so there’s no point in trying to persuade others that it is in fact the Ministry of Diseases and Medicine Distribution.

Another interesting name is ‘hospital’ where, as we all know, only sick people are staying, but according to the definition of “the Ministry of Health”, it is something else: “Health care institution is an organizationally separated group of people and assets created and maintained to provide health services and promote health”. Where are all the sick people and diseases? There’s only health...

At first glance such falsification of names may not seem significant, but when we consider the primary purpose of medicine, i.e. creating a special kind of species – a patient completely dependent on medicines and medical services, it becomes obvious that identification of treatment with health makes sense, as it provides the pharmaceutical and medical lobby with increasing profits. Without the patients, this business would simply go bankrupt but... we all know how it really is.

2. Diseases

Diseases constitute another very important step in the creation of patients. A common cold, cancer or congenital inability to function can be called in the same way – “a disease”. And that being the case, they are dangerous and you should fight all their symptoms. That way, people are prescribed medicines that block the symptoms, even in cases where the disease process doesn’t raise any concerns and intervention could compromise your health.

It is not known to the public that infectious diseases are a natural process of cleansing the body out of toxins, which means that their occurrence is beneficial to our health, and it is in our best interest to just wait them out to cleanse our bodies out of toxins, and acquire natural immunity to pathogenic micro-organisms that cause these diseases. Instead, people are encouraged, and often even forced, to acquire artificial immunity by injecting contaminated substances known as vaccines.

3. Free tests

On the one hand, that’s the height of insolence on the part of pharmaceutical companies and human naivety, on the other. Free tests – that’s something! What? They are free? No, they’re not! Who pays for them? Of course... the patients.

In general, these actions are widely publicized through the mass media, using fear as the main asset. The tests themselves have only one aim – to detect an abnormality. Then the already frightened patient is being threatened that his condition is bad or very bad, and it will only get worse if he does not take expensive medicines – manufactured by the company that “sponsors” the supposedly free tests.

In other words: the (supposedly) free tests are a cheap and extremely effective way to not only increase the profits of the already very profitable pharmaceutical companies, but also to create a species completely dependent on pharmaceuticals, relying on the results of tests and accepting them with gratitude as a manifestation of someone’s concern for their health.

4. Family doctor

In fact, a family doctor is a promoter of the interests of medical business, cleverly located in the critical point of each society – the family. Their task is not only to distribute medicines and provide medical services, but also to play a central role in educating young people to become exemplary patients – purchasers of medicines and medical services. No other business has such a bright future.


Why some people never recover

Taking our health into our own hands means to stop being a patient, as these two terms simply exclude one another. It is therefore important to recognize the difference between a patient, that is a purchaser of medicines and medical services, and a person who has decided to take decisions freely regarding the most important issues in the life of every human being, rather than having a medical specialist telling them what to do or prescribing unnecessary medications.

5. Patient characteristics

Patients can be easily identifiable by external features such as always seeing the cause of a disease in deficiency of some substances – vitamins, minerals, medicines, herbs, extracts, preparations, enzymes, supplements, or other random products invented by medicine. Due to this characteristic feature, the patient can only think of one thing: – What tests do I need to find out the cause of my disease, and what else can I take to recover as soon as possible?

6. The process of converting from patientism

To stop thinking like a patient, it is important to realize that the cause of a disease is not any deficiency of substances. It is not difficult to adopt a new spectrum of knowledge. It is based on fundamental laws of nature. The main difficulty that people face during the process of converting from patientism is getting rid of the multi-generational impact of pharmaceutical and medical indoctrination. It’s simply difficult to forget everything we’ve been taught about health from the earliest years of life, and now, all of a sudden, someone’s telling us that we were fed lies and illusions just to increase profits of the already profitable business.

Patientism can also be found among doctors. Paracelsus, the father of modern medicine, described this phenomenon as follows: – It’s not about learning what you don’t know, but forgetting what you already know or believe that you know.

7. What does it mean – to recover

In order to recover, you should get sick first. This indicates that there is a cause of the disease that needs to be eliminated for successful recovery, which seems to be quite obvious. Does this mean that not using a cleansing mixture (chapter 1) is the cause of diseases? It most certainly is, but not the only one.

The purpose of using cleansing mixture is to eliminate the objective cause of diseases, which is an increase in the amount of negative factors that result from the occurrence of manmade chemicals in the environment. A prerequisite for good health is homeostasis, or the balance between the amount of harmful factors and the possibility of their removal. The body is, of course, not defenseless and has a proper system of maintaining homeostasis. The core problem is that excretory systems of our bodies have a fixed capacity. What happens when this capacity is exceeded? In this case, the body is forced to store the excess quantity of harmful factors.

A pathological state in which the body becomes a trash of harmful factors is called toxemia and is the cause of all diseases. Under these circumstances, even if we maintained a balanced diet and led the healthiest possible lifestyle – we wouldn’t have the slightest chance of being healthy. This brings us to the point that the cleansing mixture is not a medicine that treats diseases, it’s simply a necessary response to the existing situation.

8. Deficiency caused by excess

Apart from the objective cause of all diseases, which is the permanent increase in environmental pollution, there is also a subjective cause, which is a deficiency of certain substances resulting from the excess of other substances. A typical example may be white sugar obtained from sugar beets. It is common knowledge that children who eat a lot of high-sugar meals are affected by tooth decay, but most people believe that it is sugar that erodes tooth enamel, creating cavities infected by bacteria that result in tooth decay.

Damage to tooth enamel caused by sugar, which is a carbohydrate, is a medical myth. In reality, carbohydrates have no destructive properties on tooth enamel. Otherwise, people eating fruit, vegetables and starch products would be toothless.

Metabolic processes (volume 2, p. 87) generate substances called metabolic products. These are toxic substances which should be neutralized and then excreted.

Neutralization of active toxins occurs as a result of combining them with neutralizing substances, usually calcium, magnesium and vitamin B9. The inert chemical compounds thus created have to be excreted. This process requires other substances, mainly vitamins C and E. In nature all nutrients exist in the form of a set, which means that when we get a supply of energy substances, we also get a supply of all substances necessary for the neutralization and excretion of metabolic products.

This is not the case for products cleared of certain substances found in natural products. Sugar manufacturers pride themselves on high purity of their product, which exceeds 99%. This is a success from the manufacturer’s point of view, but from a health point of view this means that 99% of substances needed to neutralize and excrete metabolic products, resulting from sugar metabolism, will have to be “borrowed” from somewhere. But from where, if there is no excess? The only way is to borrow them from tissues, thereby affecting their strength.

Bones and teeth constitute tissues that contain the most significant amounts of calcium, which are used by the body if this element is not supplied with food, as in the case of purified products. Deficiency of calcium in bones can’t be observed, but tooth decay is a visible symptom of this process.

The patient will most likely draw a conclusion that the cause of tooth decay is calcium deficiency and will look for a medicine that contains a high content of this element, but well-informed people know that the actual cause is completely different. It is an excess of substances that require calcium in order to neutralize metabolic products.

In similar fashion, the excess of certain substances results in deficiencies of other substances. This can occur in all tissues, and it means that they will eventually run out of the substances necessary to build cells. This is important not only during growth, but also during the ongoing regeneration process in which the body seeks to replace consumed, and thus inefficient, cells with fully functional new cells. The body without proper tissue reserves can’t produce healthy and nutritious cells, resulting in the presence of an increasing number of defective cells.

The purpose of a cell is to perform the function of the tissue it forms. If a cell can’t do that, it’s simply a hindrance. If there are no proper building blocks to replace that cell with a better one, it’s vital for the body to get rid of it. Therefore, the body throws them to “predators” – viruses, bacteria and parasites – which consequently lead to common health problems: viral infections, bacterial infections with runny nose and sore throat, parasitic diseases.

A few examples of health problems that result from a deficiency caused by excess include: ■ magnesium deficiency caused by the direct effect of drinking excessive amounts of coffee ■ scurvy common among medieval sailors; a symptom of vitamin C deficiency resulting from drinking stale water and eating bad food ■ pellagra[2] caused by consumption of excessive amounts of flour products.

9. Rushing the body to heal

The most fashionable ways of rushing the body to heal include: speeding up the cleansing process, taking dietary supplements, removing parasites and practicing sports.

There’s plenty of methods and techniques that can be used to cleanse our bodies. To tell the truth, it is currently difficult to find a product that does not have any cleansing properties. A basic precondition for good health is to cleanse the body of toxins. That’s why many people are trying to speed up the effect of cleansing mixture That seems logical, yet in reality the effect is often exactly opposite to the one intended, as – after primary improvement of their general well-being – people experience a complete standstill. No one knows why this is happening. Well perhaps the body somehow becomes addicted to support and is waiting for further methods? We’ll probably never know, but the fact remains that giving assistance to the body is delaying the recovery process.

Taking dietary supplements is the result of the patient’s perception of the human body as a piece of trash that is not able to survive without a pharmacy or supplements. The most significant factors affecting the perception of one’s own body include advertisements that offer medical products that are supposed to help with everything the customer wishes – immunity, digestion, absorption, heartburn, bloating, constipation, skin, hair, nails, sight, hearing, smell, taste, appetite, memory, concentration, youth, beauty, longevity. And apparently there’s nothing wrong with that, after all it’s just supplements – dietary supplements, as they’re called. In fact, the leaflets of each of these products contain a long list of diseases they treat, and that suggests quite a serious matter, as treatment is nothing more than a fight against disease symptoms, which means that these products have an active impact on the functioning of our immune systems. The bodies subject to similar procedures are starting to act as if they were embalmed, like mummies which, as you know, stay preserved for a very long time, but they’re lifeless. Therefore, it takes a lot of time before an embalmed body begins to respond to prophylactic and health-improving activities.

Total war against parasites is the latest trend of the so-called natural medicine. There is a great deal of literature about the role of parasites in all possible symptoms – from digestive disorders, constipation and abdominal pain to cough, allergies and bronchial asthma. Natural medicine uses less natural (if at all) electrical devices for detecting parasites – real and fictitious. It also uses a large arsenal of measure in the fight against parasites that include the above-mentioned electrical devices, as well as a variety of products, both natural and chemical. The fight against parasites appears to be reasonable, yet in reality it’s more trouble than it’s worth, given that these parasites are not carnivorous creatures that would kill us for consumption. They thrive on dead or decaying cells. If we get rid of them, then their nutrient substance (in the form of dead or decaying cells) remains in our bodies, and that is the cause of diseases much more serious than parasitoses. In addition, the fight against parasites, as is the case with all other microorganisms, is subject to a universal principle: what doesn’t kill it, makes it stronger. That way, we are making a rod for our own backs, as we contribute to the development of parasite strains resistant to all fighting methods.

You have to realize that the slogan: – sport equals health – is simply false. Athletes are not healthy because they are practicing sports, in reality it’s the opposite – you have to be healthy to practice sports. A stronger effort increases the excretion of toxins, as it increases the secretion of sweat, but it also speeds up metabolism, thus increasing the amount of metabolic products, which in turn increases the demand for substances necessary for their neutralization and excretion. If your body is healthy, and therefore has a sufficient supply of vitamins and minerals, there is nothing to prevent you from practicing sports. But what are our physiological limits? The first sign of crossing a physiological limit is the need for artificial supplementation. After crossing this limit, active participation in sport can become more pathological than healthy.

10. Elimination as a condition of recovery

According to Hippocrates, the most important thing is to do no harm: Primum non nocere, that is “first, do no harm”. It is simply necessary to start from that step – elimination of harmful factors. However, people who are affected by patientism, even if they have acquired basic knowledge of health, are unlikely to accept a natural form of reasoning. They believe that taking care of their health means to “take” something “healthy”, instead of eliminating harmful factors. They are convinced that drinking cleansing mixtures makes them healthy (after all, the mixture is healthy!), but is it enough? You can try oils, but is it really enough?

There’s also a fiber cocktail (chapter 17) used to supplement substances that are missing in the most widely available food, but it also doesn’t cure anything. And now you’re being told that you have to introduce a pro-health diet (chapter 18), which doesn’t include anything “healthy” – healthy oatmeal, super healthy muesli, extremely healthy rye bread made from natural leaven.

– You’ll probably get even sicker on this diet – the patient thinks – And what if I’m skinny? Do they want me to get even skinnier?

Deceived by the patient way of reasoning, they will not only fail to implement the pro-health diet, but will also eat a lot of starch-based products to gain weight, or at least not lose any more weight.

– And what if I’m missing some vitamins and minerals? This diet would do more harm than good – someone else would deduce.

The truth is that in case of any health problems, the pro-health diet is a smooth transition from the past habits of eating any junk that have led to these health problems, to eating in line with the principles of healthy eating. The prerequisite for this transition is to firstly “reset” the pro-health diet, by eliminating the food components that most often hinder the recovery process, and, in subsequent stages, introducing those components again.

11. How long does it take to fully recover

Health is homeostasis, a dynamic balance, which means that it is not a state of stagnation, therefore it is not possible to fully recover and stay healthy. Health, as a useful value, is subject to the same laws as all other values: if you care about it, you have it. So, why does it matter whether we care about health to recover or to be healthy? If there’s no difference, you might as well ask how long you should breathe, when you should get sick, make plans for the future, laugh – live.

There is also another advantage of taking care of your health that cannot be overestimated. The ubiquitous medical propaganda is teaching us that diseases come with age, so it’s only a matter of time before medical help becomes a necessity. The pharmaceutical and medical business relies on the belief that people, at some point in their lives, must get sick and then recover, to finally die from “some disease”.

In fact, the cause of diseases is not time, but what happens during that time. If toxins accumulate in the body throughout this time, at some point they will significantly impair the functioning of organs deciding about the proper functioning of the body as one inseparable piece. Then people can start relying on medicine that provides them with medicines improving the performance of individual organs, but can it restore their health?

When we take care of our health, we challenge medical propaganda, as with the passage of time the “promised” age-related diseases don’t appear, but – on the contrary – we’re getting healthier. The more time passes from taking health into our own hands, the healthier we are – all the symptoms slowly disappear, our general well-being improves, the body gets fit; we get younger. Should we really try to complete this process quickly?

If we’re healthy, we can save a lot of time on visits to doctors and medical tests, as well as a lot of money spent on medicines and specialists in various medical fields. This investment is mostly profitable after retirement, given the fact that retired people are the most numerous customers of pharmacies.


The idea of a cleansing mixture

Presentation of a cleansing mixture should begin with the statement that it’s not a medicine as such as it’s not used to cure any diseases or to reduce the symptoms, but – on the contrary – to intensify, and often even trigger health-promoting behaviours and symptoms.

Nowadays, we can observe an increasing number of chronic diseases that have asymptomatic course or are tough to diagnose. Such diseases are like time bombs, which we’re not aware of until they explode. Among the numerous asymptomatic diseases, the most dangerous one is internal inflammation, as it can secretly damage one of the most vital internal organs, and often contribute to the development of changes in cells that can further transform into a life threatening cancer.

The opposite of chronic diseases are acute diseases characterized by the occurrence of a breakthrough, known as an intensification of disease symptoms. This term determines the most intensive symptoms (fever, pain and swelling), after which the disease begins to subside. In other words: intensification of disease symptoms is a turning point for each disease – deterioration on journey to better health.

Chronic diseases indicate that the intensification of disease symptoms has not occurred. There are two main causes for this situation – blocking the symptoms with medicines or other medical methods and weakening of the overall body condition. In the latter case, i.e. weakening of the body condition, we’re faced with a paradox, as only a really strong body with strong immune system can undergo the intensification of disease symptoms, while a weak body adopts a more defensive attitude. It waits for a convenient opportunity to undergo the intensification of disease symptoms and remove the root cause of any internal chronic inflammation.

12. Toxemia

There are many reasons why the overall condition of our bodies gets weaker, but it’s usually caused by toxemia. It’s a pathological condition in which the amount of toxins exceeds the capacity of the excretory system. Needless to say that high levels of intoxication affect the condition of our immune systems.

The onset of toxemia is affected by two types of toxins: endogenous and exogenous toxins. Endogenous toxins are produced as a result of metabolism and include the so-called metabolic waste generated during normal metabolic activities. These are toxins provided for by nature, therefore all organisms, including unicellular organisms, have the appropriate organs to excrete them directly into the external environment. Nevertheless, these are toxins or substances that involve the excretory system.

Exotoxins are substances coming from the external environment, and therefore shouldn’t be found in our bodies. Undigested nucleic acids (volume 2, page 109), proteins and lectins, that is antigens originating from the gastrointestinal tract, are particularly toxic. And the problem is not absorption. Undigested food particles don’t penetrate through the properly functioning intestinal epithelium, but through destroyed surface tissue of the intestinal epithelium, known as erosions (volume 2, page 8).

Erosion is a small, microscopic inflammation of a single epithelial tissue, which has no chance of passing too many toxins into the body. Only a larger number of erosions can cause a problem. The main cause of damage to the intestinal epithelium is the bane of our time – artificial chemicals that don’t exist in nature. Nowadays, we can find more and more of those chemicals in our food, therefore it’s no wonder that the intestinal epithelium of a contemporary man increasingly resembles the proverbial sieve which moves substances that should normally be excreted into the external environment through the body.

13. Role of the cleansing mixture

The cleansing mixture has two primary functions – preventive and prophylactic. The preventive effect of the cleansing mixture takes place at the beginning of the treatment and involves cleansing of the digestive tract from erosions, pathological mucus, fecalith, and stones found in hepatic and pancreatic ducts. These treatments give two results at the same time: inhibiting the absorption of toxins from the gastrointestinal tract into the body and improving the nutrient absorption – mainly vitamins and minerals – assuming that food contains all these substances and therefore is consistent with the principles of healthy eating.

This leads to a paradoxical situation, because the body cleansed from the excess of toxins and provided with a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals becomes... sick. And that’s exactly what we want – to improve the immune system. And what does the immune system do? It eliminates pathologies. Sometimes our bodies can do it on their own, other times they entrust this role to germs, called pathogens, but every time an evident manifestation of the proper functioning of the immune system are the various disease symptoms. That’s why you shouldn’t ask yourself whether these are the symptoms of cleansing, flu or some other infectious disease, because in both cases they’re nothing more than the symptoms of cleansing that are reflected in improvement of the overall body condition and intensification of disease symptoms, leading to health.

It’s important to remember not to treat the healing process, because medicines are basically toxins absorbed through the intestinal epithelium. Consequently, they cause toxemia and weakening of the overall body condition. As a result of drug intoxication, the disease symptoms subside, and the disease becomes asymptomatic – chronic. A vivid proof of this state of affairs is the application of germicides, in case of viral diseases, such as flu. Antibiotics, as we all know, have no virucidal properties, but their application eliminates flu symptoms, fooling us into believing that we’re not sick anymore, at least for some time...

14. Recovery – what’s next

Now we’re asking ourselves another question: what’s next? Once we recover, can we just stop taking the cleansing mixture and return to our previous habits that caused the disease? I don’t suppose I need to convince anyone that you need to take care of your health every day to have it not only today, but for the rest of your life. That’s where the cleansing mixture begins to play its essential role – preventive role.

The second question we’re asking ourselves is: is it possible to prevent diseases without the cleansing mixture? I’d like to respond to this question with another question: is it possible to reverse technological progress and the associated adverse changes in the environment? Some people think that if they eat, what they believe to be, healthy food – ecological and unpolluted – they can do without the cleansing mixture. Such reasoning is simply a pipe dream. The presence of herbicides is detected in the blood of polar bears, so what can be found in the air that people from industrialized countries breathe? If we add emissions from chimneys of various factories as well as exhaust fumes and other pollutants emitted into the atmosphere by airplanes, which fall on the fields and forests in the form of acid rain, it becomes clear that the notion of “healthy food” is a fictional term.

15. Definition of the cleansing mixture

We already know that the cleansing mixture is not a medicine as such as it does not cure any diseases. Nevertheless, it plays a fundamental role in keeping the body in good shape, both physical and mental. Without the cleansing mixture, we are reliant on medicines and medical services – tests, diagnoses, surgeries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone replacement therapy, insulin pumps, organ transplants and medical malpractice. So, what is the cleansing mixture? Is it an alternative to medicine? In a way, yes, but generally the cleansing mixture is an intelligent response to adverse changes in our environment, which are an inevitable consequence of technological progress.


[1] Patient from the Latin word patients meaning to suffer.

[2] Pellagra is a disease that causes skin lesions (inflamed skin), digestive disorders and abnormalities in brain function (depression, headaches and, in extreme cases, memory loss). Pellagra was common in medieval Europe among poor people who ate almost exclusively cereal products. The Polish name “rumień lombardzki” (erythema Lombard) refers to Lombardy where incidence of pellagra was the highest. The first cases of pellagra in the United States were diagnosed at the beginning of the twentieth century among farmers who ate mostly corn. In 1915 Joseph Goldberger, a physician and scientist, demonstrated that pellagra is not an infectious disease, as it was thought at that time, but is a result of poor nutrition. It has now been established that the cause of pellagra is a deficiency of B vitamins, especially vitamin B3.