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Galician Polyphony Places and Voices

Galicia became the subject of many valuable studies, not only among Polish scholars. Most of this research, however, manifested an approach that involved the reconstruction of the subject, the theme, or – particularly – the myth of Galicia in literature and culture. In the meantime, the horizon of studies on the former Habsburg province that have been undertaken in the context of the publication Galician Polyphony: Places and Voices is defined by such research perspectives as memorological, post-dependence, and above all – geopoetrological studies. The application of these methodologies to Galician subject matter led to an approach centered around poetrological and political aspects of the representation of space, the issues of negotiating individual and collective identity in the space of coexistence and struggle of different cultures, as well as the various ideological conceptualizations of Galicia, subject to critical reflection in the presented texts.

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