ebook Asia’s global expansion: business and finacial aspects -

Asia’s global expansion: business and finacial aspects

The concept of this monograph is focused on an analysis of the prospects for improving the competitive position of Asian countries in the global economy. The authors argue that a comprehensive analysis of Asia’s economic development requires studying its business and financial aspects in parallel. The authors of the monography concentrate on the chosen business aspects of Asia’s expansion, such as: trade and value chain development, Asian transnational corporations, international mergers and acquisitions, growth potential of energy industry, GDP growth model. The unique nature of the studies conducted for this book stems from their wide thematic and geographical scope. Consequently, both business and financial features of economic growth are analysed. This approach is further used to study the financial aspects of China’s development in a related book prepared by the authors from the same Department: China’s economic growth: selected financial aspects. According to the opinion expressed by the reviewer the following monograph constitutes a valuable contribution to the discussion concerning the new role of Asian economies in the world. It is recommended to scientists, students and journalist who study the problems of Asia’s economic development and its role in the global economy. The results can be also useful to companies interested in developing their business activities in the countries of the region.

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