ebook Art and Shamanhood - Elvira Eevr Djaltchinova-Malec

Art and Shamanhood

This volume is the result of the 10th International Society for Shamanistic Research Conference held in Warsaw 5–9 October 2011. The Conference was organized by: the Polish Institute of World Art Studies, the Institute of Eastern Studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University, the State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw and the International Society for Shamanistic Research. Contents: Umberto Sansoni The shamanic-ecstatic hypothesis for the Alpine rock art of Valcamonica Kenneth Lymer Sensuous Visions: Encountering the shamanistic rock art of the Bayan Jurek Mountains, Kazakhstan Inga-Maria Mulk Depictions in Sami rock art of the Mother Earth figure Zaur Hasanov Argimpasa – Scythian goddess, patroness of shamans: a comparison of historical, archaeological, linguistic and ethnographic data Giovannni Kezich The bear and the plough: Shamanism in the Neolithic Pi-Chen Liu From shamanic rituals to theatre and cultural industry: The state, shamanism and gender among the Kavalan (Taiwan) Eva Jane Neumann Fridman Mongolian shamanism envisaged, embodied Lia Zola Women shamans and their portrayal in the Olonkho Sakha epic poems Dagmar Eigner The poetics of healing: Shamanic rituals in Central Nepal Diana Riboli Inadvertent art. Icons, music and dance in Chepang (Nepal) and Semang-Negrito (Peninsular Malaysia) shamanism Hee Sook Lee-Niinioja Artistic expressions of the visual language on Sami ritual drums Vesa Matteo Piludu The ritual art and paraphernalia of the Nepalese jhankris and Tamang bombo Denita Benyshek Artists as shamans: Historical review and recent theoretical model Barbara Wilhelmi Perspectives on the arts of Parbati Daniel A. Kister Shamanic artistry in a French Absurdist play Carla Corradi Musi The shamanic works of Minsalim Timergazeev and other artists of the First International Woodcarving Festival of Uvat Jürgen Werner Kremer Norval Morrisseau – Shaman-Artist Susan Michaelson The hand on the wall of the cave. Exploring connections between shamanism and the visual arts Gilah Yelin Hirsch Artist as Shaman

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