ebook Armeno-Kipchak Studies - Edward Tryjarski

Armeno-Kipchak Studies

Collected Papers

The volume constitutes a collection of studies on the Armeno-Kipchak language by Professor Edward Tryjarski, an eminent Polish Turcologist, great authority on Armeno-Kipchak, his life-long main subject of research. Armeno-Kipchak was the language of the Armenians who settled in the former south-eastern territory of Poland and used it in the 16th and 17th centuries. It belongs to the Kipchak group of the Turkic languages, together with Karaim, Tatar, and many others. The papers of Professor Tryjarski which constitute a kind of “Armeno-Kipchak Corpus” have been published in different journals and article collections in different places over a long span of time and are not readily available in their entirety. . His bibliography lists over 300 publications– books, articles, reviews, text editions and materials, bibliographical notes, reports, etc. The present volume comprises Professor Tryjarski’s contributions on Armeno-Kipchak which cover a wide range of topics – from language and literature, through history and religion, epigraphy, legal and trade documents, to astrology and alchemy. The papers dated from 1960 until present, chronologically arranged, are mostly in English, but also in Russian, German, French, and Polish.

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