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Aesthetic Energy of the City

In this book, metaphorically referring to the concept of energy, we wish to point out that it is possible to talk about aesthetic energy and that this concept is very useful in the discussion on the subject of the city. We ask representatives of various specialisations about the possibility of obtaining and maintaining aesthetic energy, therefore different research perspectives and seemingly distant objects of research – from architecture and urban space through street art and parkour to aesthetic theories – appear in individual chapters. The reflections of authors always revolve around the aesthetic object or the aesthetically experiencing entity. We finish the book with statements made by practitioners – culture organisers from nongovernmental organisations who use art to transfer energy to people and recover aesthetic energy of places. These kind of manifestos also illustrate the circulation of aesthetic energy: private organisations protect public/social values, draw attention to the condition of public places and recover these places for the individual, personal aesthetic experience. We hope that as a result of our own, mutually corresponding, though sometimes polemical positions, we will give birth to work that will be directed towards the aesthetic development of cities and the improvement of the quality of our experience.NOTES ON THE PHOTOS AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 7 Agnieszka Gralińska-Toborek, Wioletta Kazimierska-Jerzyk, INTRODUCTION 11 I. AESTHETIC ENERGY OF ART, IDEAS, PLACES AND HUMAN RELATIONS 17 Antoni Remesar, NEW URBAN DECORUM? CITY AESTHETICS TO AND FRO 19 Slavica Stamatovic Vuckovic, URBAN SPACE: THE PHENOMENA OF UNFINISHED IN THE CITIES OF MONTENEGRO 55 Wioletta Kazimierska-Jerzyk, AESTHETIC ENERGY OF AN ORDINARY PLACE 67 Agnieszka Gralińska-Toborek, STREET ART AND SPACE 85 Susan Hansen, Danny Flynn, “DARLING LOOK! IT’S A BANKSY!” VIEWERS’ MATERIAL ENGAGEMENT WITH STREET ART AND GRAFFITI 103 Justyna Mokras-Grabowska, CREATING AN ART TOURIST SPACE IN THE URBAN SPHERE OF LODZ – A THEORETICAL APPROACH BASED ON THE EXAMPLE OF THE URBAN FORMS GALLERY OF MURALS 119 II. ENERGETIC BODILY EXPERIENCE 129 Jakub Petri, BODY CONSCIOUSNESS IN MODERN URBAN SURROUNDINGS: FREERUNNING AND PARKOUR 131 Ewa Chudoba, TWO FACES OF ART – PUBLIC AND PRIVATE – IN JOHN DEWEY’S AESTHETIC EXPERIENCE 145 III. AESTHETIC ENERGY OF MISSION AND PRACTICE 153 Halim Bensaïd, MURAL PAINTING AND THE SPIRIT OF THE PLACE VERSUS GRAFFITI AND STREET ART 155 Jowita Mróz, SET FREE THE ARTISTIC ENERGY OF LODZ! THE EVOLUTION OF THE URBAN FORMS FOUNDATION 161 ILLUSTRATION ANNEX 167 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS 181 SUMMARIES 185 CONTRIBUTORS 189

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