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A Short Course of Polish Language. - Grammar - Dialogues - Dictionary - Phrasebook

Znacznie więcej niż słownik! Znacznie więcej niż kurs językowy! Opracowanie zawierające słownik i rozmówki dla osób anglojęzycznych, będące również kursem i przewodnikiem językowym. Publikacja przeznaczona jest dla osób początkujących i średnio zaawansowanych uczących się języka polskiego. A SHORT COURSE OF POLISH LANGUAGE This book is purposed to help the English-speaking persons in their learning of the Polish language but, of course, at the beginner and intermediate levels because the book is, out of necessity, only the review of the most important grammatical aspects of the Polish language. The real problem for learners is that the grammar of the Polish language is rather complex because of a high degree of inflection and relatively free word order, so one can say that this language is maybe heaven for poets but rather a difficulty for learners. In Polish there are no articles and the gender of nouns is recognised by their endings; endings are generally the biggest problem for learners because there are so many of them and, which is much worse, there are so many exceptions to the rules that is even difficult to say that the rules really exist. The book consists of two parts; the first one; A Guide to Polish Grammar is an outline of the structure of Polish grammar and the second one; English-Polish Dictionary and Phrasebook contains phrases, clauses, dialogues, declensions and conjugations and can work both as a dictionary and a textbook so it can be a ‘helper’ when one can say something in Polish but is not able to do independently. All the main entries, dialogues and sentences and the most important phrases in the dictionary part of this book include phonetic transcriptions to make them pronounce easier in their everyday communications with Polish speakers. So make friends with the Polish language!

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